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Big Game Fishing Dalmacija |

Split Adria is a long standing and notable company located in Split, on the address Poljudsko šetalište 1.

They are well known for their fishing tourism services, notably the big game fishing. Not only will you learn the ways of the fishermen - you will get to experience their quality of life, and this means more than just fishing. Fun and playful atmosphere is also ensured.

They offer the following packages:

  • Full day fishing trip (9 hours total)
  • alf day fishing trip (5 hours total)
  • Family trips and transfers
  • Team buildings

For reservations, you can contact them by by their email address or directly by phone +38598293089.


Big Game Fishing Dalmacija

In a coastal city that has a lot to offer, Split Adria decided to offer more. Their service is unique and held to a specifically high standard.

Rest assured Split Adria's staff is well trained, experienced and professsional. If you need any help, information or simply want to share some knowledge and have a discussion, you can rely on them.

Their equipment is of the highest quality for your safety and enjoyment.

The main target tends to be bluefin tuna, but you will also have a chance to aim for other deep sea species, such as swordfish, dorado, amberjack, snapper, grouper etc.

You are always free to share your interests or concerns with their friendly staff.


Fishing in Dalmacija

If you want to enjoy the beautiful nature while learning a new skill, look no further than Split Adria and book a fishing trip today!

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced fisherman, you will have an unforgettable experience you will be eager to tell your friends about!

For any further information and reservations, don't hesitate to contact Split Adria on the contact details provided above. They will be trully happy to help you.

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