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Restaurant and boarding house in Osor | 

OSSERO d.o.o. was founded in 2009 in Osor.

They are primarily engaged in catering, having a restaurant with various fish and meat specialities, and accommodation services. The quality of the service is widely known, as many satisfied guests have recognized and are continuing to spend their holidays in this great buffet & pansion in Osor.


Restaurant and boarding house in Osor

OSSERO has a long-standing tradition of business, with the restaurant and boarding house achieving excellent business success. They specialize in serving top quality food. They offer delicious meat and fish dishes and Mediterranean delicacies, while they also have a variety of alcoholic and soft drinks. The service is of high quality and the staff is always there for their guests and will be happy to recommend some of the dishes from the rich menu.

OSSERO also offers accommodation in rooms and apartments, which are equipped with everything you need for a pleasant vacation.

OSSERO - your place for a holiday vacation.

Quality Restaurant and Boarding House in Osor is OSSERO, that you can contact at any time.

For all information, feel free to contact them on the above-mentioned contacts.

  • pon

    restoran 11:00-23:00h pansion 0-24h

  • uto

    restoran 11:00-23:00h pansion 0-24h

  • sri

    restoran 11:00-23:00h pansion 0-24h

  • čet

    restoran 11:00-23:00h pansion 0-24h

  • pet

    restoran 11:00-23:00h pansion 0-24h

  • sub

    restoran 11:00-23:00h pansion 0-24h

  • ned

    restoran 11:00-23:00h pansion 0-24h

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  • 099 444 3515