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Finest handcrafted Baklava in Croatia |

NEW BAKERY d.o.o. started working in 2014, and is situated in Donja Lomnica, Croatia.

Primary work includes production of traditional baklava.


Finest handcrafted Baklava in Croatia

NEW BAKERY d.o.o. is situated near Zagreb, Croatia, and is famous for their Baklava. Their experience, dedication and devotion to tradition allows to produce a Baklava like no other.

Enjoying food has to be a an experience, a moment, a recollection of joy and glee! 

Nubake is more than just passion within a product, it's a lifetsyle they have adopted here in the sunnyhills of the Mediteranean country of Croatia. 

We have developed outstanding relationships with our local and European suppliers, and leaving a footprint that positively impacts and gives back to the local community.

NEW BAKERY d.o.o. has the finest Baklava in Croatia.

For all additional informations please contact numbers listed below.

  • pon

    07-15 h

  • uto

    07-15 h

  • sri

    07-15 h

  • čet

    07-15 h

  • pet

    07-15 h

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I wnat to buy from you Layla Baklava so how I can do so? I live in Finland Cherine Fkahr

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