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Travel agency in Dubrovnik |

DUBROVNIK YACHT AGENT j.d.o.o. is a company recognized for its quality services. It is located in Dubrovnik, on the address Pera Čingrije 3.

Its primarily activities include organization of various trips and boat rental.


Travel agency in Dubrovnik

DUBROVNIK YACHT AGENT J.D.O.O. is a company situated in beautiful city of Dubrovnik, in Croatia. In collaboration with several partners they cover the whole Eastern Adriatic, Croatia and Montenegro.

The company operates since 2016. 

This travel and shipping agency deals with the organization of travel and pilgrimage, and provides complete maritime services.


Complete and quality service

DUBROVNIK YACHT AGENT J.D.O.O. is a company with extensive experience which provides great service and offer.

Services include:

  • Yachts supplies (Provisions)
  • Emergency repair & maintenance
  • Yacht services and spare parts support
  • Yacht Formalities/Clearance in&out
  • Courier services
  • Transportation
  • VIP security
  • Accommodations reservations
  • Guided tours/shore excursions
  • Laundry
  • Medical assistance

The high standards followed in the work have already been recognized by many satisfied clients.


Safety and comfort first 

Yacht agent from Dubrovnik, Domagoj Svegler owns the licence for security guards, the licence for the office manager of travel agencies, including shipping agency and Travelife Sustainability Manager certificate.

DUBROVNIK YACHT AGENT J.D.O.O. provides you beautiful, relaxed and safe vacation. Their primary goal is satisfied client. 

Travel agency you can trust with full confidence is DUBROVNIK YACHT AGENT J.D.O.O.

For all additional information, feel free to contact numbers listed above.

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  • 01 6382 984 | 099 444 3515