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Traditional dalmatian cuisine, Hvar | 

The restaurant BONACA offers a fish and meat cousine, Mediterranean specialties, baked or grilled dishes.

The capacity is 30 people and summer terrace 60 people.


Traditional dalmatian cuisine, Hvar

Dalmatian cuisine is not created by chance, it is a combination of influences of different cultures of the East, West, North and South.

The Dalmatian cuisine dominated by fish and meat with a lot of raw and cooked vegetables and all complement fragrant spices, which are an essential part of this gourmet experience.

Foods are due to freshness and quality of traditional breeding, while grasses and herbs extremely fragrant, as a result of the mild Mediterranean climate.


  • Beef stew with gnocchi
  • Shrimp stew
  • Mediterranean meatballs
  • The soup of chickpeas
  • Octopus salad

For further information or questions, please contact these contacts.

  • pon

    12:00 h - 01:00 h

  • uto

    12:00 h - 01:00 h

  • sri

    12:00 h - 01:00 h

  • čet

    12:00 h - 01:00 h

  • pet

    12:00 h - 01:00 h

  • sub

    12:00 h - 01:00 h

  • ned

    12:00 h - 01:00 h

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  • 01 63 14 299