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Rent a boat and motorboat in Ugljan


Gaženička cesta 22, 23000 ZADAR

Rent a boat and motorboat in Ugljan | 

 Company AUTO GAŽENICA  was founded in 2018 on the Island of Ugljan in Zadar County.

Its primary activity is boat rental, providing boats 4-6.5 meters long. In their work they are professional and focused on business results and the satisfaction of their clients.


Rent a boat and motorboat in Ugljan

AUTO GAŽENICA is a provider of motorboats and boats 4-6.5 meters long, where they offer top quality boats that are regularly maintained and serviced and which meet all requirements for a safe ride along the coast. The service is great, and the employees are at your disposal.

Have a wonderful holiday in Zadar!

They are affordable and accessible, so feel free to contact them, in full confidence.

Rent a boat or a motorboat provided by the AUTO GAŽENICA company.   

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