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Zrinskih 40, 40323 Prelog
Production of electrical cabinets and industrial automation |

CROMATIC D.O.O. has existed since 2015, and is engaged in industrial automation and the production of electrical cabinets.

They are recognized for the superior service they provide to all their clients.


Production of electrical cabinets and industrial automation Prelog

CROMATIC D.O.O. is a company located in Prelog, at the address Prvomajska 1. It currently has nine employees who perform their services reliably, professionally, with quality and speed.

The company's primary activity is industrial automation and the manufacture of electrical cabinets. They provide services with high quality and reliability and always try to meet all customer requirements.

They offer their professional services for the entire Međimurje County.

Production of electrical cabinets and industrial automation are services available to the company CROMATIC D.O.O. which you can turn to with full confidence.

For any additional information or inquiries feel free to contact the listed contacts.
  • pon

    7- 15 h

  • uto

    7- 15 h

  • sri

    7- 15 h

  • čet

    7- 15 h

  • pet

    7- 15 h

  • sub


  • ned


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  • 099 444 3515