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Eco friendly for enviroment Zagreb, Hrvatska | 

VADECO D.O.O. is a Chemical Company, founded 2013 with experience and extensive scientific knowledge combined with a strong passion for peoples health and the hygienic conditions that we live in.


Eco friendly for enviroment Zagreb, Hrvatska

They combine science, understanding and creativity of experts with their multi-disciplinary knowledge and experience to develop new generation disinfectants, cosmetics and complementary feeds.

Their range of products consist of Dermatoligist approved Health and Personal Hygiene products, new technology and eco friendly cleaning supplies, and supplements that provide health and hygiene for Bees.

They use the latest technology and processes with a sustainable approach.

With the latest technology and knowledge their research team has achieved incredible results and huge level-up in microbiological science. Their scientists have also started a grand turnover in apiculture by inventing multifunctional food and protection for bees.

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