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Aquapark Poreč, Istra |

ASKET d.o.o. has been operating since 2011 with headquarters in Poreč, Istria. The company operates aqua park AQUACOLORS POREČ. The Aquacolors Aquaculture Park Poreč is located near the Istrian ipsilon motorway, at the exit Baderna, only 2 km from the Funtana settlement.


Aquapark Poreč, Istra

AQUACOLORS POREČ offers over 20 attractions for its visitors. Thirteen large water slides are adapted for younger visitors and artificial waves for older ones. As part of the amusement park there is also a sports and children's playground for various recreational activities. Family slides, slides with additional sounds and effects, free fall, rafting rackets with friends, and many other parts of the offer.

Two spacious outdoor pools are available to visitors for relaxation and fun with water slides, various water fountains and towers.

The 2,700 m2 swimming pool is created for relaxation and relaxation with the experience of artificial waves. The water animation 'Lime River' is 500 m long, ideal for socializing and a light ride in a rubber boat in a beautiful setting. The safety of all water animation is at a high level. Licensed rescuers and experienced workers are always at their disposal. For all guests there is also a large free parking, which has 705 parking spaces for buses and cars.

Within the water park there are 7 catering facilities with a wide choice of meals and drinks.

Aquapark AQUACOLORS POREČ is a place that guarantees its visitors a top-quality entertainment.

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